The Skinny Dipping Rx

10 The questions everyone needs to ask themselves

November 11, 2022 Keira Barr, MD Season 1 Episode 10
The Skinny Dipping Rx
10 The questions everyone needs to ask themselves
Show Notes

Are you feeling burned out, stressed out and ready to check out?

Caring for others day in and day out can leave you feeling depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed and like there’s nothing left in the tank to care for yourself. This frustrating and hopeless feeling can be helped and in this episode I share 5 ways you can get the care you need and deserve.

This podcast is meant for educational and informational purposes only. Neither this podcast nor any information contained within it are a substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional. This podcast does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. If you have a medical concern, please consult with your physician.

Host: Dr. Keira Barr

Editor: Abigail Cerquitella


  • How to increase our capacity to receive support when we need it most
  • How to view ourselves with more compassion
  • The questions we all need to ask ourselves
  • 5 simple practices you can do anytime and anywhere to feel better now


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