The Skinny Dipping Rx

13 How to thrive in menopause: A conversation with Stacy London

December 23, 2022 Keira Barr, MD Season 1 Episode 13
The Skinny Dipping Rx
13 How to thrive in menopause: A conversation with Stacy London
Show Notes

Have you felt isolated, confused or ashamed by all the changes in your mood, mind and midsection in mid-life? 

If you want a no BS approach to connect the dots between the signs and symptoms you’ve been experiencing, join me as I interview the fashionable and fabulous menopause advocate and former CEO of State of Menopause, Stacy London. We dare to bare all as we strip away the myths and misconceptions about aging, gender inequity, menopause,  and SO MUCH MORE. Stacy is changing the conversation about menopause and revealing truths that will liberate you from confusion, shame and isolation so you can enjoy this season of life.  

This is an episode you will want to listen to on repeat alone, with your girlfriends and even your partner. Invite everyone you know to be a part of your menopause squad.


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Host: Dr. Keira Barr

Editor: Abigail Cerquitella


  • What menopause is and what it isn’t
  • How to connect the dots and make sense of your signs and symptoms
  • How to thrive not just survive this transformational stage of life
  • Why menopause is a beginning rather than an end
  • What it really means to feel comfortable in your skin at any age


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