The Skinny Dipping Rx

19 The Power of Pleasure: A Conversation with Susan Hyatt

March 17, 2023 Keira Barr, MD Season 1 Episode 19
The Skinny Dipping Rx
19 The Power of Pleasure: A Conversation with Susan Hyatt
Show Notes

I’m so excited Susan Hyatt is our guest today. She is all about ditching deprivation and diet culture and making pleasure a priority.  I knew I had to have her on the podcast and get her message out to my Skinny Dippers, so she is joining me on this episode to share more about the work she is doing to  inspire women all over the world to stop shrinking their bodies and start expanding their lives.

Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach who is helping thousands of women get more of what they want. As the bestselling author of the book BARE and a speaker to a sold-out audience at the country’s largest TEDx Conference, Susan continues to share her message of why women need to stop obsessing about their weight and instead focus on earning money, gaining power, smashing the patriarchy, and running the world.

In this episode, hear what Susan is doing to empower women to make pleasure their business plan so that the more fun they have, the more money they make. Yes please!

Host: Dr. Keira Barr

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  • Why women shouldn’t settle for crumbs, when they deserve the whole damn cake
  • How to make pleasure your business plan
  • The dangers of diet culture
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • How to truly satisfy your hunger

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